2017 Competitors

Olga Belanovich
Coffeshop “Zerno”

25 years old. Unmarried. I’ve been working as barista for 5 years already. I graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University.


Travelling, rafting, reading books, dancing.

 Yes. The owner of coffeeshop “Zerno” Anna Gromova, my coach Maria Bolat and all my friends,who gives me a support all this time!!

Emerson Nascimento
Curto Café

I have been a barista for 8 years. Before that, I worked as a bartender. I was introduced to the world of coffee by master barista Emilio Rodrigues, owner of Casa do Barista. He taught me much of what I know about coffee. When Emilion needed to travel to France, he entrusted the Casa do Barista classes to me and I became a teacher at Casa do Barista. For 8 years I have been teaching courses at Casa do Barista. I give a barista course and a latte art one. I am a partner of a specialty coffee distributor called Grã Barista, which has several coffee brands and also works with sales and rental of coffee machines. I am also a barista partner at Curto Café, which is today one of the best coffee shops in Rio de Janeiro.



Rio de Janeiro Regional Barista Championship, 2009 – 4th Place

Brazilian Barista Championship, 2009 – 15th Place

Brazilian Latte Art Championship, 2014 – 4th Place

Brazilian Cup Tasters Championship, 2017 – 5th Place

Brazilian Latte Art Championship, 2017 – 3rd Place

Brazilian Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, 2017 – 1st Place

 During my first visit to a coffee farm, I could see up close all of the hard work and complexity that’s involved in producing and working with coffee.

Brazil interests me most. I still need to visit some coffee producing regions to get more experience with Brazilian coffees.

I play football, practice jiu-jitsu, and like to watch movies.

In the future I see myself working with roasting together with a coffee shop.

I would like to thank the BSCA team for all of their support, the Curto Café team, and the great mixologist Walter Garin who has been training me.

First, I’d love to be world champion! Ha ha! I hope to learn from other baristas. If there’s time, I’d like to visit coffee shops and do some sightseeing.

Czech Republic
Ondřej Hurtík
Doubleshot Roastery

I’m working as a barista for Czech speciality coffee roastery Doubleshot.




Mikaël Portannier

I’m 22, in the coffee industry since 2013. I’m currently barista and trainer at Lomi in Paris.  Second time in the world championship and super excited about this! Looking forward to having good time in Hungary!



French CIGS Championship 2015 – 2nd Place

French CIGS Championship 2016 – 1st Place

World CIGS Championship 2016 – 8th Place, Preliminary Round

French CIGS Championship 2017 – 1st Place

In 2014 I had an espresso of a Burundi coffee from Kayanza. First specialty coffee espresso with an amazing taste of brioche, butter and nuts. Still in my mind eveytime I’m trying to create a sweet coffee cocktail.

Manhattan cocktail—amazing classic dry and bitter cocktail that I love !

I used to play bowling as a competitor for 8 years, but now I’m doing a lot of photography.

Don’t know actually… In Paris, somewhere else..

 Lomi—the whole team. SCA France for organizing the national championship and all the people that are involved in my life and encourage me in these championships.

Visiting the city, meeting new friends and having good time !

Niklas Schmedding



Manos Mamakis
The Underdog

Proud barista at The Underdog®.

My love and passion for coffee along with the continuous quest for knowledge which was never nothing less than specialty, has lead me to achievements that I am very proud of:

* Hellenic Coffee in Good Spirits Champion 2017




When I first tasted an espresso from my trainer Mr Tasos Delichristos. A new world of taste opened for me!

“Negroni” because there is a combination of ingredients that brings balance between taste elements: sweetness-accidity-bitterness.

 Panama. Once considered to be the “laughing stock” of speciality coffee industry,but Panamian coffees from the Boquette region are now a rising star. Farmers are taking coffee cultivation in new levels!

 With the same team and company I now work with: The Underdog. As our goal is to become better and better every year. As a position in the company I would like to be a roaster but I know I have to kill Tasos to do that….

The team of people behind this success:
– Elisabeth Lividioti, the co-owner of The Underdog
– Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, the 2016 WCIGS Champion
– George Koustoumpardis, the 2015 WCIGS Champion
– Tasos Delichristos, the 2008 WCIGS Champion

and off course all the stuff at The Underdog that we work together and they helped me during my preparation for the competition.

 Sightseeing and coffee crawling…

Béndek Tamás
Pécsi Kávé

After high school I became a waiter and a barmixer. I was working as a bartender in bars and in other fields of hospitality. I am working with coffee for 10 years and with competing and with speciality coffee for 4 years. For 2 years I have my own speciality coffee shop in Pécs where among other drinks we focus at our own seasonal coffee in good spirit recipes.


Marco Poidomani

Professional Coffee Specialist
I started my career at a very young age and specialised by attending several training courses. Today, I am member of SCA as
AST Trainer. I also obtained the SCA Coffee Diploma System certification.
For Moak People Training, I deal with courses of coffee, profession
barista, latte art, SCA courses.



The first time I saw coffee roasting.

For the last 17 years my first passion has been the coffee and I think that this passion will be forever, but nevertheless I do not think I have limits, therefore I do not like to make long-term plans.

My son Giorgio and my daughter Ilaria and my wife Valeria, who supported me with great sacrifice investing their time. To my beautiful family I dedicated my competition. I want to share this important achievement also with my second family: Giovanni, Alessandro and Annalisa Spadola, the Moak and the MPT team, especially Giovanni Peligra, for the support, the trust and support they have given me and continue to prove. Finally, a big thank you to my coach Andrea Lattuada

Certainly I am going to visit the city and my friends who live there.

Yukari Suzuki
Unlimited Inc.

I have a career as a varistor for 8 years. I currently work as a barista/bartender at the UNLIMITED COFFEE BAR, and I am involved in coffee and alcohol at store every day.



Japan Barista Championship 2009~2016

2016 Japan Coffee in Good Spirits Championship 2016, 3rd place

2017 Japan Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, 1st place

When my master made me a cup of cappuccino of Colombian Naranjos full washed processing, it was my first time to drink a coffee of a single origin of specialty coffee in my life.  I was very surprised the taste, sweetness, and flavor that are not like ordinary coffee.

Delicious liquor and meals

I think that I will be involved in coffee and alcohol with wonderful people. Excellent coffee and alcohol, in an amazing environment just like now.

Owner, master,  teammates, barista training lab member, people related to the competition, customer, and family…  I have always received a lot of power from them!

I would like to enjoy meals, sake, townscape, people in Budapest.

Preben Oosterhof
Dromedar Kaffebar

Founder and CEO of Dromedar Kaffebar. Working hands on with speciality coffee since 1997. Former Norwegian barista champion.
Coaching and training barista, alongside running 10 shops and a bakery.



instagamkaffefaget / prebenoo

1999 Norwegain Barista Champion
2000-2005 second, third or finale rounds Norwegian Barista Championship.
2011 4. place Norwegian Barista Championship
2011. 3. place Norwegian CIGS
2012 4. place Norwegian Barista
2012 3. place Norwegian CIGS
2014 2. place Norwegian cupping Championship
2017 Norwegian Champion CIGS

Back in 1997, opening and starting up my first shop, every day was a new and amazing coffee experience! Learning curve was steap, and my head was constantly thinking about coffee-testing new recepies, developing grinding, tamping, dosing, steaming. Fell totaly in love with coffee:)

A perfect made white russian, Negroni or Aperol.

I like them all – been to India, Africa, Central-America and South-America.
Have to say that El Salvador is my favourite so far, though:)

I’m still in the coffee buisness, still CEO of Dromedar Kaffebar. We then have 20 shops, 200 barista and my barista’s competes at the highest level at the World Championships.
Myself are jugding at the same level.

 All my wonderfull barista at home. Without them doing a fantastic everyday job, I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate and spend so much time training towards this Championship.
My three wonderfull boys, and my beautiful girlfriend.

 Looking forward to spend time With good coffeefriends. Learning from each other.
And also to follow up Sarah from Dromedar Kaffebar, competing in the World Latte Art Championship

Mateusz Szuchnik
El Koktel / Kofi Brand

Co-owner of the El Koktel bar awarded with the “Best Cocktail Bar 2015” prize in “Bar of the Year” plebiscite.  Gaining hospitality experience in Poland and outside it’s borders. Finalist of many international bartender competitions such as Tahona Society Cocktail Competition 2016, Diageo World Class 2015, and Bols Around The World 2013. Member of the prestige academy – The World’s 50 Best Bars – selecting the best cocktail places all over the world.
A passionate lover of coffee, tequila and latino cuisine in general.




It was at the beggining of 2012 when my friend introduce to me Siphon Coffee brewing technique and first cup of speciality coffee which I drank back then. I realise that I can find as many different flavours and aromas in coffee as in spirits such as e.g. whisky.

I truly enjoy Tommy’s Margarita or good classic Martinez.

Ethiopia is a coutry which I would like to explore and see.

Fine dining cuisine, motorbikes and Marvel comics

Happy somewhere on earth, to be honest with you I have no idea. I really want to still develop myself in bussiness, learn culinary techniques, acquire knowledge from coffee industry.

 I would like to thank people who helped me a lot:  My coach and his team – Konrad Oleksak from Kofi Brand Warsaw. My girlfriend, team Coffeedesk shop, and friends who support me.

I’m going to visit my friends who live there and see the city to checked how the hospitality industry evolve since I was there few years ago.

Alexandru Ionita







Natalia Obruch
Coffee Owl Roasters





Natasha Shariff
Bettr Barista Coffee Academy

I have spent the better part of the last 10 over years in the Food & Beverage industry in various capacities from chef, to bartender and now barista and educator. I love coffee but I also do love a good cocktail. I’m excited to be at the World Championships to showcase my cocktails and my love of coffee and to meet the coffee community that will be there.   I work for a company called Bettr Barista Coffee Academy based in Singapore. We are also a for profit social enterprise that helps marginalised women and youth at risk become baristas. We change lives through coffee! My journey in Specialty coffee has been incredible, its only been about 3-4years now and I am still constantly learning and I urge more women to take part in competitions and to continue to push forward within this industry because its really such a great time to be in Specialty Coffee now.


2016 – Singapore National Barista Championships: 6th Place

2017 – Singapore National Brewers Cup: Competitor

2017 – Singapore National Coffee in Good Spirits: 1st Place

 I used to live in San Francisco, so I have very fond memories of getting specialty coffee from Blue Bottle when they were getting really popular around 2007 – 2008. I remember getting New Orleans Iced Coffee with Chicory and their Syphon brews and it was really amazing.

Old Fashioned – one of my all time favourite classics.  Dark & Stormy – great for anytime of day especially in the tropics of Singapore.  Gin cocktails… Any spirit that has been fat washed!

Gesha, South-West Ethiopia.  Gesha Village Coffee Estates specifically.

FOOD! Cocktails, Art, Museums, Music.  Sports and the Great Outdoors.

I hope that I would have achieved my goals in Specialty Coffee in the next 5 years. Whether that’s in regards to competing, learning to roast or improving myself as a barista. I would like to start something on my own by that point, and that’s not necessarily a cafe but still within the F&B industry.

 Yes definitely! I would like to thank my parents, family & close friends first for supporting me all these years in my adventures.  To the team at Bettr Barista for all the coffee stuff and for getting me to where I am today in Specialty Coffee. And last but not least to the bartending community in Singapore for their time, training and support to get me here today!

Pretty much everything! It will be my first time in Budapest and this part of Europe. So I am excited to check out the food & drink scene. The museums and art galleries. Food markets and just enjoying anything cultural when I have time after the competition.

Martin Hudák
American Bar at The Savoy Hotel

Senior bartender at the most iconic bar in the world, The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel London. Started work in hospitality during studies back home in Slovakia, where passion and love for coffee and cocktails became stronger. After five years moved to London to be part of one of the best bar team.  My whole career has been dedicated to pushing boundaries through competitions. I have attended world finals at HCGP, Beefeater MIX LDN, Absolut Invite, have been a finalist at various World Coffee In Good Spirits and have placed second twice in the worlds – Melbourne 2014 and Shanghai 2016. Also the founder of craft micro brewery, Ginger Mania focused on botanical Ginger Beer. Father of beautiful eight year old daughter, Karin, and simply a life lover of everything that is around 🙂



WCIGS 2013 Nice – 6th Place

WCIGS 2014 Melbourne – 2nd Place

WCIGS 2016 Shanghai – 2nd Place

Americano but I do not mean coffee 🙂 and then super simple Garibaldi which is just campari and freshly pressed orange juice and sometimes good Martinez heavier on vermouth.

Uff so many but mostly – bartending, travelling, reading, eating and being with my love

It does not matter where but most importantly being happy with someone next to me 🙂

I would never be successful without right people next to me. Firstly my love and biggest critic Mishelle, then my coach and roaster Edita Chodarcevic together with my buddy Dave Jameson. And all of you from WCE who make this happen again.

1. Greet with my old friends and meeting new one. 2. Share my passion and love for coffee & cocktail culture. 3. Drinking Tokai and Palinka  4. Eating goulash and salami

South Korea
DaeGeun Kim
Vault Coffee

I have been a barista since 2012. Currently working at Vault Coffee. I love coffee and drinks.

facebookDaeGeun Kim


When I worked part-time at a cafe in 2012, I drank a cup of coffee and the coffee tasted very sweet. I still can’t forget the coffee.  I don’t know which country the coffee was from.

I like sour and sweet drinks. It is difficult to decide in particular.

Travel and recreation. I also like saunas.

 The company will probably be very busy because it is growing now.  If I have a chance, I’d like to stand on the world stage again in five years.

Together with my coach, Beiste, I’d like to thank my friends and colleagues who are cheering for me in Korea.

Willy Gómez
Moon 93 “Café & Cocktail Bar”

I started with the world of coffee while I was studying Restaurant and Bar Services. There I met the wonderful world of coffee and that led me to train in this discipline, accessing numerous courses, talks, lectures and master class. It was not long before I began my career in the Barista championships. Shortly afterwards thanks to a teacher, I discovered the world of cocktails and from that moment I decided to dedicate myself completely to coffee and cocktails. I started working in different coffee shops and cocktail bars, until in 2012 I decided to open my own project dedicated to specialty coffee and cocktails. Today in addition to deciding my business, I continue to learn and train every day to continue inquiries in this wonderful world of hospitality.




Spanish SCA Coffee in Good Spirits 2017: First Place

Spanish SCA Barista Championship 2016: Finalist

Spanish “Fórum del Café” Barista” Championship 2016: Finalist

Spanish “Fórum del Café Barista” Championship 2014: Finalist

Spanish “Fórum del Café Barista” Championship 2013: Finalist

Regional “Fórum del Café Barista” Championship 2016: First Place

Regional “Fórum del Café Barista” Championship 2014: First Place

Regional “Fórum del Café Barista” Championship 2013: First Place

Regional SCA Barista Championship 2010: SemiFinalist

The first time that I tasted a speciality coffee, for me it was a realy nice experience because I’d never tasted something like that before.

My favourite cocktail is the Negroni as an aperitif and the Old Fashion as a digestif.

Only coffee and cocktails — it’s my job and my hobby!!

Of course making people happy with my coffees and cocktails!

 I’d like to recognise all the times that my Girlfriend spend with me and the patience she has. My Family and the team at Kanalla Coffee. My coaches, Damián, Manu Sisto, Diego Campos, Luis Blanco and my team at Moon 93 “Café & Cocktail Bar”— José, Fernando and Adrián.

Enjoy! Enjoy with coffee, with cocktails, the people, and if we have a litte time see a little of the beauty of the city too.

Bastien Frison
Birdie Coffee

31 years old. Raised in South West of France, now living in Geneva. Proud co-founder of Birdie Coffee. Studied business administration at ESCP Europe in Paris. Former consulting manager for French chef Alain Ducasse.



An Ethiopian coffee from Chelelektu, roasted by Mokxa, and brewed by Florent Marot in a Chemex.

Head of a nice roasting / cold brew / coffee shops corporation. Happy father of 3 kids. World famous coffee champion, trainer and consultant.

 Florent Marot, co-founder and head barista at Birdie, Geneva. Aleaume Paturle and Mickaël Portannier, from Café Lomi in Paris. Quentin Beurgaud from Little barrel in Geneva. Piero Monadada, from the Swiss SCA. Caroline and Bertille, my family support !

Meet other coffee folks, go to public baths, and do my best in the CIGS contest.

Sin Jay Kao
Just Go Coffee



United Kingdom
Paul Ross
Origin Coffee Roasters

I am a Barista from London, England, working at Origin Coffee Roasters. Living in London means I am fortunate enough to have some of the worlds best bars and coffee shops close by. For Coffee in Good Spirits this year I am keen to share my personal flavour experiences and the stories behind them. I hope you all enjoy & if you want to get in touch, my social media handles are below!



UKBC 2015, 2016 – Semi Finalist, Heats
UKCIGS 2015 – Heats
UK Cup Tasters 2015, 2016, 2017 – Semi-Finalist

Sitting in a coffee shop in St Kilda & deciding I wanted to be a barista

Costa Rica – there is so much potential, the people are great & it was the first time I got to visit origin

I love sport, especially Football (Soccer) & American Football.

It is a hard question to answer as the industry is moving at such a high speed. I would like to be a business owner and finding new ways in which we can improve as an industry.

There are far too many people to mention everyone – it is definitely a team game! The whole of Origin Coffee Roasters have been tremendous support and guided me all the way. Outside of work my family have always been there for me, even though the only thing I spoke about was coffee.

I can’t wait to visit the bars I’ve heard so much about!

Ivan Yaremchuk

My name is Ivan Yaremchuk, a regular millennial with a good taste for coffee. I’ve been residing in Kiev for a couple of year now, but originally, I come from a small town of Berdychiv. Even though I’ve studied political science and it’s my primary education, I discovered my true passion was coffee, and started working as a barista around 2015. I don’t consider this a regular job, but rather a calling – there are no limits for self-development and improvement in it.

facebookIvan Yaremchuk

This was my first national competition experience, and I took part in regional ones before that. As a matter of fact, my first success came during the cup-tasting in 2015. Right at that time I fully understood that this is something that inspires me going forward. Usually success is preceded by failure, and I had my share of those. George Koustoumpardis, the 2016 judge of Coffee & Spirits championship, made me understand that failing is something that gives you strength to move forward, and I’m thankful for that. For alternative brewing I will be using an aero-press on the spirit bar.

My first amazing coffee experience was Panama Geisha, and at the time I thought it wasn’t coffee at all. I immediately fell in love with its light honey and citrus flavors.

I never stay put with just one variety, every new cocktail is a new experience in itself

My favorites are Ethiopia and Guatemala because of the distinct and varied tastes

 I like communicating with new people, change myself and things around me, and I crave new experiences.

I see that Ukraine is building a coffee culture and I love being part of that

 I want to thank everyone who supported me and helped me to get prepared, especially to my friends and relatives.

I’d love to see Budapest, meet new people, learn a bit about the I like communicating with new people, change myself and things around me, and I crave new experiences. history, and savor the overall experience.